Body Scrubs - Add on Service
Body Scrubs - Add on Service
Body Scrubs - Add on Service

Body Scrubs - Add on Service

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So you've purchased your massage and now you want to spice it up? Let's add in a body scrub! Add one to your cart and be amazed at how brand new you feel after. 
Who doesn’t want to have smooth, glowing skin?
We all do! To keep our limbs looking lovely, to help our summer-sun glow last longer and yes, to get ready for fall, we need to exfoliate consistently.
Just as with the face, the body also needs exfoliation.
Using a scrub on your body regularly will help make your skin look more vibrant and youthful.
Read on to find out how body scrubs can improve your skin’s health and keep your epidermis looking its best.
We talk a lot about exfoliation and there is good reason to expound on a process that helps to remove dead skin cells and clear away oil, dirt, and residue from pores.
Many people have a tendency to concentrate on the face but the skin on our body also needs extra care.
All seasons uniquely challenge the skin. Over the summer, layers of moisturizer, sunscreen and oils build up.
Combine that with swimming, sunbathing and a bit of sweating, and our bodies build up dead skin cells and residue very quickly — more than we realize.
That’s when we turn to a good body scrub for help, especially as we transition into autumn.
At any time of year, the combination of cleansing, exfoliating and massage provide that all-important benefit of sloughing off old cells and banishing dry skin.
In fact, a professional body scrub is a great way to make rough skin smooth again.